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Would you like to become a Louisiana Civil Law Notary?  Real Motion Notary Services is pleased to offer the Notary Public Preparatory course, designed to prepare students to pass the Louisiana notary public exam to become a commissioned Civil Law Notary.

Classes begin February 13, 2023  at 6:00 p.m.  We will meet for 14 weeks every Monday night.   

All students are required to purchase the current official study guide from the Secretary of State at an approximate cost of $100. Please make certain that you purchase the 2023 Study Guide.  This is the only material you will be allowed to use during the exam.  In addition, you will need a three-ring binder to organize your materials.  All workbooks provided by the instructor will be provided in the course fee. 

Each student will need to apply to the Secretary of State to sit for the exam.  Please see for additional information on registration and application fees.

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